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Baca Dengan Seksama

The youngster who reads voraciously, though indiscriminately, does not necessarily gain in wisdom over the teenager who is more selective in his reading choices. A young man who has read the life story of every eminent athlete of the twentieth century, or a coed who has steeped herself in every social-protest novel she can get her hands on, may very well be learning all there is to know in a very limited area. But books are replete with so many wonders that it is often discouraging to see bright young people limit their own experiences.

Contoh Kalimat

  • The football game was __________ with excitement and great plays.
  • The __________ author received the Nobel Prize for literature.
  • My cousin is so __________ in schoolwork that his friends call him a bookworm.
  • After skiing, I find that I have a __________ appetite.
  • Modern warfare often results in the __________ killing of combatants and innocent civilians alike.

Sekarang anda sudah melihat dan menggunakan kata-kata yang baru dalam kalimat, dan sudah bisa memperkirakan defenisinya, cobalah untuk memasangkan kata-kata voracious, indiscriminate, eminent, steeped, replete, dengan maknanya di bawah ini:

  • ____ of high reputation, outstanding
  • ____ completely filled or supplied with
  • ____ choosing at random without careful selection
  • ____ desiring or consuming great quantities
  • ____ soaked, drenched, saturated


to eat humble pieto = admit your error and apologize,

  • After his candidate had lost the election, the boastful campaign manager had to eat humble pie.



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