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Belajar Bahasa Inggris – Pelajaran 57

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  • solace
  • aspirant
  • dregs
  • frenzy
  • scurrilous

Baca Dengan Seksama

Mullins sought solace in whiskey. Once a highly respected aspirant for the lightweight crown, he now found himself associating with the dregs of Skid Row.* He would work himself into an alcoholic frenzy in which he would trumpet scurrilous attacks on the champ, the old manager, and the judge. One avid* fight fan attributed Mullins’ absence from the ring to sickness, saying that he was “recovering from a bad case of SCOTCH.”

Contoh Kalimat

Cobalah untuk menggunakan kata-kata baru diatas dengan mengisikannya ke (ubah akhir kata jika diperlukan) dalam kalimat di bawah ini:

  • Vigilant censors protect the public from listening to __________ language on television.
  • The publisher scoffed* at the reports that he was an __________ for the job of Secretary of State.
  • In a __________, the teenager overturned every drawer while searching for the car keys.
  • At the bottom of the beautiful wine bottle, only the __________ remained.
  • In trying to offer __________ to the pilot’s wife, the reporter inadvertently* made the situation worse.


Cobalah untuk memasangkan kata-kata baru diatas dengan defenisi di bawah ini:

  • ____ most worthless part
  • ____ coarse
  • ____ easing of grief
  • ____ wild fit
  • ____ candidate for high position


to rule the roost = to be in charge, to be master (a roost is a perch where domestic birds can sleep)

  • Although he is a lowly private in the army, at home he rules the roost.



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