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Belajar Bahasa Inggris – Pelajaran 84

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  • rash
  • conjecture
  • obviate
  • lurid
  • quip

Baca Dengan Seksama

The Harts were greatly relieved to learn that the rash conjecture about the dog was not true. Because the German shepherd was not rabid, the necessity for the painful treatment was obviated. The police gave the dog’s owner a summons for allowing the animal to go unmuzzled. Little Bobby was treated to an ice cream sundae and a Walt Disney double feature. The neighbors searched for other lurid happenings, and Jerry Hart went back to his office. “What kind of dog was that?” his secretary asked. “Oh, his bark was worse than his bite,” quipped Jerry.

Contoh Kalimat

Cobalah untuk menggunakan kata-kata baru diatas dengan mengisikannya ke (ubah akhir kata jika diperlukan) dalam kalimat di bawah ini:

  • It was sheer __________ on the detective’s part but it led to the arrest of the vexatious counterfeiters.
  • The newspaper switched from mundane coverage to __________ reporting.
  • It was exceedingly __________ of the lightweight to insult the belligerent longshoreman.
  • The necessity for preparing sandwiches was __________ when the picnic was postponed.
  • Hamlet remembered that Yorick was always ready with a lusty __________.


Cobalah untuk memasangkan kata-kata baru diatas dengan defenisi di bawah ini:

  • ____ do away with, eliminate
  • ____ joke
  • ____ guess
  • ____ sensational
  • ____ too hasty, reckless


windfall = unexpected financial gain.

  • When the bankrupt company struck oil, the surprised investor received a windfall of $20,000



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