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  • ultimate
  • eventuate
  • emit
  • subterranean
  • viable

Baca Dengan Seksama

The Ultimate Weapon Takes Shape

Enrico Fermi designed a device that could eventuate in a chain reaction. It consisted of layers of graphite, alternated with chunks of uranium. The uranium emitted neutrons, and the graphite slowed them down. Holes were left for long cadmium safety rods. By withdrawing those control rods Fermi could speed up the production of neutrons, thus increasing the number of uranium atoms that would be split (fission). When the rods were withdrawn to a critical point, then the neutrons would be produced so fast that the graphite and cadmium could not absorb them. In that manner a chain reaction would result. Slowly, Fermi’s first atomic pile began to grow in a subterranean room at Columbia University. The big question remainedwas it viable?

Contoh Kalimat

Cobalah untuk menggunakan kata-kata baru diatas dengan mengisikannya ke (ubah akhir kata jika diperlukan) dalam kalimat di bawah ini:

  • A thorough investigation __________ in a comprehensive report.
  • After two years of confinement in a __________ dungeon, the prisoner was thin and wan.
  • The mayor issued a diatribe against companies whose smokestacks __________ poisonous fumes.
  • Gaining better housing for all was the __________ goal of the zealous reformer.
  • When the schism in the company was healed, a __________ arrangement was worked out.


Cobalah untuk memasangkan kata-kata baru diatas dengan defenisi di bawah ini:

  • ____ underground
  • ____ final
  • ____ practicable, workable
  • ____ to give off
  • ____ to result finally


the lion’s share = the major portion.

  • Because the salesman was essential to the business, he demanded the lion’s share of the profits.



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