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Belajar Bahasa Inggris – Pelajaran 96

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  • stentorian
  • singular
  • valor
  • bias
  • sinecure

Baca Dengan Seksama

”For Distinguished Devotion to Duty”

Some months later Dorie Miller was serving on an aircraft carrier when Admiral Chester Nimitz, the Commander of the Pacific Fleet, came aboard to preside over a special awards ceremony. In stentorian tones the Admiral presented Miller with the prestigious Navy Cross, commending him for a singular act of valor and “disregard for his own personal safety.” Miller’s heroism helped to shatter the bias against African-Americans in the armed forces. Although he could have accepted a sinecure at a U.S. naval base, Dorie chose to remain in the combat zone where he was killed in action in December, 1943.

Contoh Kalimat

Cobalah untuk menggunakan kata-kata baru diatas dengan mengisikannya ke (ubah akhir kata jika diperlukan) dalam kalimat di bawah ini:

  • The director was ousted from his __________ when he angered the mayor.
  • In his customary __________ tones, the sergeant reprimanded those who thought the army was a haven for incompetents.
  • The word “surrender” is anathema to people of __________.
  • A viable peace was brought about as a result of the diplomat’s __________ contribution.
  • The bigot’s __________ precipitated a fistfight.


Cobalah untuk memasangkan kata-kata baru diatas dengan defenisi di bawah ini:

  • ____ prejudice
  • ____ soft job
  • ____ courage
  • ____ extraordinary
  • ____ loud


to steal one’s thunder = to weaken one’s position by stating the argument before that person does.

  • I had planned to be the first to resign from the club, but my cousin stole my thunder.



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