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  • abrogate
  • alleged
  • access
  • invalidate
  • preclude

Baca Dengan Seksama

Escobedo’s Lawyer Appeals

Barry Kroll, a Chicago lawyer, took an interest in Danny Escobedo’s case. Kroll felt that his client’s rights under the Constitution had been abrogated. Since the alleged accomplice, Escobedo, had been denied access to an attorney, Kroll asked the courts to invalidate the conviction. He proposed that lawyers be entitled to sit in when the police question a suspect but the Illinois courts rejected that on the grounds that it would effectively preclude all questioning by legal authorities. If such a law were upheld, the police felt that it would play havoc with all criminal investigations.

Contoh Kalimat

Cobalah untuk menggunakan kata-kata baru diatas dengan mengisikannya ke (ubah akhir kata jika diperlukan) dalam kalimat di bawah ini:

  • The manager was distraught when he realized that the slugger’s sickness would __________ a World Series victory.
  • It is symptomatic of some newspapers that an __________ criminal is regarded in print as guilty.
  • The wealthy uncle decided to __________ his inane nephew’s sinecure.
  • The general was sure to __________ the court-martial’s decision once he learned of the flagrant bias of the presiding officer.
  • Once the druggist had been duped into opening the store, the addict gained __________ to the pep pills.


Cobalah untuk memasangkan kata-kata baru diatas dengan defenisi di bawah ini:

  • ____ admittance
  • ____ reported, supposed
  • ____ to deprive of legal force, to nullify
  • ____ prevent
  • ____ abolish


to whitewash = to conceal defects, to give a falsely virtuous appearance to something.

  • Although a committee was appointed to investigate the corruption, many citizens felt that their report would be a whitewash of the culprits.



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